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Spaice is a reputable, ethical, and individualized company of interior design and house renovation for Canada's real estate market.


Ultimate interior design & house renovation service in Canada

A qualified network of reputable interior design company
House renovations take a substantial effort that often costs a lot of money. As a result, it is crucial to plan carefully in this case because things can go wrong. There may be structural errors, overestimation, or underestimation of individual cost items. To prevent this, you need a qualified network of reputable general contractors like Spaice.
What do you get from our premium home renovation services?
Spaice is a reputable, ethical, and individualized network of house renovations and remodeling for Canada's real estate market. Together with our clients, we are passionate about reviving and creating beautiful, high-quality living environments. It is our daily motivation to make your house renovations and refurbishing projects a special success and, in the long term, inspire every one of our customers. You will get the best house renovations from our passion for workmanship and enthusiasm for tried-and-true but also innovative working methods, technologies, and materials.

We’ll make sure you love it and it’s perfect for you!

What we built is perfect for you!

We believe that the most important part of house renovations is the client—and we see it as our job to be there for you every step of the way. Together, we can build something truly amazing. And when we’re done, we’ll make sure you love it and it’s perfect for you!

How Spaice work? One-stop home renovation solutions.

One-stop home renovation solutions.

House renovation: before and after

Here are tons of house renovations BEFORE and AFTER photos & pictures of real renovations and home additions. All those projects were designed by the renovation plan specialists from Spaice.

01 before 01 after

Kitchen Renovation Project

Budget: $50,000

Time: 2 months

02 before 02 after

Full home renovation - Living room

Budget: 75,000

Time: 5 weeks

03 before 03 after

Full home renovation - Bedroom

Budget: 75,000

Time: 5 weeks

720° virtual walkthrough renderings

Enjoy a complete 720-degree virtual property rendering. What you see is what you get with our virtual walkthrough renderings that showcase your house in lifelike High Definition videos and pictures. Give potential inhabitants a thorough, interactive tour of your house or workplace in 720 HD.

Reviews from real customers

Spaice offers the best house renovations. Our services go beyond just the job. We understand this and that makes us give you the best. It paid off, so when you check out house renovations reviews on Google, Spaice comes up among the top picks. Search for positive reviews about house renovations on Google and HomeStar. We are poised to remain the best house renovations network in Canada and the USA. Our satisfaction comes from giving you a heartwarming service that will put a lasting smile on your face. We understand that a happy customer base translates to getting many referrals. Aside from HomeStars and Google reviews, here are a few positive reviews from our teeming happy customers:


Knowledgeable Team With No Surprise Fess

I'd never heard of Spaice before but a friend recommended I check out their website. I wanted to invest in a bit of interior design for my new apartment. I called them two months ago and discussed with their designer about the kitchen and bathroom floor plan and my preference.

- Tina in Toronto -


The Whole House Feels Bigger Now

My colleague recommended I check in with Spaice to help with my house interior design. From start to finish, Spaice communicated quickly and listened to my ideas. My living room design and bathroom renovation have made my home feel much more inviting...

- Winnie in Binbrook -


Basement Renovation

Andy did a great job as a business development manager, he made the whole process so enjoyable! When there were some issues happening, Andy was so nice to take time to answer my concerns and fix things quickly. Finally, I love my basement design and was delighted with the final results.

- Eileen Jiang -


Full house renovation

Spaice have been incredible to work with. When we purchased our new home, we wanted to put our personal touches on our new space, but were frankly overwhelmed. They listened to our wish list and ideas for the spaces and was able to thoughtfully, and artfully, make those ideas a reality.

- Luke Walker -

Services that are included

  • Discovery call
  • On-site consultation and measurement
  • Professional interior design services
  • On-site measurements
  • 720-degree virtual walkthrough renderings
  • Verified and trusted home renovation contractors
  • Material and product sourcing
  • Certified and trusted home renovation contractors

Why choose us?

Aesthetics and comfort assured

Spaice is a pro at taking care of every part of residential and commercial projects, from planning to finishing. We are committed to giving you a beautiful home that meets your comfort needs.

An Integrated House Renovation Approach

Our skilled team will plan, manage, and execute your dream house renovations from start to finish. There are no complex processes; we handle all the operations while you relax and wait for the completion of your house renovation.

Enjoy a digital preview of your project before renovation begins

To avoid disappointment, Spaice will render the result of your house renovations and show a 720-degree HD virtual display of what your home will look like upon completion. There is no other company in Canada that offers impeccable lifelike design displays and house renovations. You will experience less stress and spend less time and money because our virtual staging eliminates all speculation.

A licensed and reputable home remodeling contractor

We partner with a team of expert home renovation contractors to help you make your vision a reality. Our contractors have decades of experience, fully licensed and vetted to provide the best quality craftsmanship for our clients. Our partners include Smart Reno powered by RBC Ventures, Baeumler Approved, FTC, Merrett Homes, E-Green Construction Inc., and more. You can count on them to handle all of your renovation needs.

Match Clients to Professional Contractors

We match our clients with our team of professional contractors for your project based on the scope of work, location, timeline, budget, and experience with similar projects.

Choose Your Own Home Renovation Contractors

You’ll get a shortlist of 3 home renovation contractors. Meet them, compare bids, and hire your favorite to start your project.

Blogs of home improvement

We want to take up special technical topics and general information on house renovations, refurbishment, and modernization. Specific questions about the individual areas of house renovations are just as important to us as questions about financing or procurement of materials.
We created this blog on house renovations to serve as your additional informative resource platform. We will give you checklists, and provide questionnaires, and other useful tools. We publish interesting articles about house renovations at least once a month. Check back regularly, because it is a worthwhile house renovation blog to read.

FAQ about house renovations at Spaice

What is Spaice?

Spaice ensures that homeowners get a superior house renovation experience. We provide professional advice and a streamlined competitive bidding procedure. Give us a description of your ideal home, and we'll introduce you to several general contractors that are qualified, willing to work within your budget, and eager to make your dream a reality. We have employed our industry-leading screening approach for professional credentials, work quality, and communication abilities to all Spaice general contractors.

Is Spaice just a renovation contractor's List?

Spaice is not just a list; it is much more! We survey the unique needs of your house renovations and enlist the most qualified general contractors to handle it. When analyzing your building, there are several house renovation parameters we consider, including the type of house renovations, the required specialty, the location, the budget, and the required design and architecture services. To make the procedure more efficient, we offer advice and online resources. Members of the Spaice team collaborate closely with the contractor throughout the building process to help reduce surprises and keep your refurbishment on schedule.

What makes a Spaice general contractor stand out?

Spaice works with the best general contractors the world over. All general contractors employed by Spaice undergo our stringent application process. Only successful contractors are contracted to work with Spaice. Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  • checking for all necessary licenses
  • verifying that they are fully insured
  • assessing the caliber of their work
  • conducting live interviews to gauge their level of professionalism and trust
  • speaking with references from previous clients

To make the most precise matching, we thoroughly research our contractors, which is found on our Contractor Vetting page.

Where is Spaice used?

New service areas are constantly being added by us. Visit our Locations page to learn whether we are currently handling house renovations in your neighborhood.

What is the cost of working with Spaice general contractors?

Working with Spaice contractors does not incur too much cost. We work with the best contractors who are committed to offering you the best house renovations at a pocket-friendly price.

Spaice general contractors charge the same as their competitors in the house renovation sector.

Am I required to work with a general contractor from Spaice's network?

We wholeheartedly endorse using Spaice general contractors since they are fantastic! Your obligation to do so, however, is completely arbitrary.

Does my house renovation project require a building permit?

If you want to alter the structure of a room (by adding a bathroom, turning a bedroom into a kitchen, attaching an add-on facility, etc.), or the exterior of your home (by changing the porch, windows, etc.), you must get a building permit. Check with your municipality to see if you need to apply for permission.

What is 3D walkthrough rendering?

A 3D walkthrough is a procedure that allows you to virtually visit any building from anywhere ‌using internet connectivity.

How can my contractor benefit from 3D walkthrough rendering?

It enables the contractor to see your interior more clearly and provides ideas that consider any potential difficulties with your restoration project.

How can I change my house renovation project after work has started?

Send written change requests to your general contractor with a copy to your project manager (cc). Before making any adjustments, find out how they will affect the project's budget and timeframe to avoid unpleasant surprises.