7 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Walls


Are your walls starting to look outdated?

You can see the walls are starting to show their age when the paint colors are fading, vinyl installations are falling out, cracks are showing, and the edges are chipped. You feel uncomfortable, unlike in the early years of staying at home. Renovating the walls will give your interior an updated look and increase the value of your home by attracting buyers for a higher price than the market dictates.

House renovations need effort, money, and time, but it is all worth it in the end. You can ask for help from the best home renovation contractors and designers to make your investment make the most bang for the buck. You can search for wall designs online or ask professionals what’s the best thing to do with your walls.

Wondering whether it’s time to update or renovate your walls? Here are 7 indications why you might consider renovating your walls already.

1.   You’re tired of the same old look.

Updating your walls can be a good way to make your interior space look and feel more lively, fresh, and brand new. Seasons change and people change too. You might have new experiences, inspirations, or preferences. All these changes in personal development changes should also reflect in the home you live in. Select wall designs that match your own desires and personal wants. By changing traditional designs, you will give your home a great new look. It will help you adapt to the current trending designs. You can use modern or timeless styles based on new trends that will make your walls sophisticated.

2.   You’re planning to put the house on sale

If you are planning to sell a house, the best way to attract a buyer is to renovate your walls. Homebuyers would likely be attracted to a home that looks as good as new. Remodeling the walls will guarantee a bigger return on investment. If you are selling an old house, check the foundation of the walls and make sure that it is still strong and stable. Old houses are harder to sell than newer ones. Competition is tough in the real estate market and so you have to level up your game if you’re aiming to sell it at top dollar. Invest in renovating walls, painting them, and maybe stage the home when buyers come to visit.

3.   You want to make more room

Making more room means tearing down walls to expand a space. Adding space at home makes room for other furniture items such as a kitchen or room divider. As you become familiar with the place you are living in now, you will notice that it is becoming too small especially if your family is getting bigger. Maybe it’s about time that you start to consider expanding or changing the layout of your house to maximize space. If you want to have an open space, tear down some of the walls and replace them with a movable partition instead. If you want to divide space, put up drywall, install doors and windows and use that room for a particular purpose. It could be a storage, a nursery, or a study area.

4.   You want to make your home more inviting

Do you feel like your home’s interior is a bit dull and boring? It probably has something to do with your walls. It can be because of a wrong paint color choice, outdated wall designs, the built up of mold and mildew, structural weakening, or dilapidated coverings and finishes. If you have drywalls, you might see bulging, and sagging, on some areas of the wall and in worst cases, bad smells. These won’t really make your home look inviting no matter how much effort you put into decorating and accessorizing the space. Tear down the old walls first and build a new one. If there are minimal signs of damage, maybe you can consider renovating some parts or applying a fresh coat of paint over them.

5.   You want to feel safe

If a house is really old, there’s a possibility that the wall structures have weakened over time. Renovating and designing space will give a look of safety. When relatives and friends visit, they are at ease knowing they are in a safe place. It's better to change your walls if they are already old and falling off. You don’t want to hurt your family by not changing it right away. You, as a homeowner, should ensure that renovations are done to old walls to ensure your safety.

6.   You want to make your home more comfortable

Aside from safety and aesthetics, comfortability is also another factor that you should not overlook. Whether you are renovating a house for sale, or simply wanting to give your home a little makeover, altering your walls can make a lot of difference. If you have rooms with thin walls, you might want to renovate them to make them thicker, more soundproof, and more structurally sound. Invest in quality paint as well. If you have uneven walls, hire a professional painting service company or skilled contractors to finish them and make them perfect from edge to edge. You’ll instantly see the difference and improvement in your home’s interior by simply updating your walls.


Don’t know how to start with your wall renovation project? Begin by talking to a designer. Here at Spaice, we have in-house interior designers that are ready to help you every step of the way. Achieve the wall of your dreams and make your home a beautiful and comfortable space to live in. Contact a designer today ang start your wall renovation journey.

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