Addition & Extensions

Dose your home renovation needs have anything to do with Addition and Extension? Then you are at the right place.

What is extension renovation?

Has your family outgrown your housing space?

For clarity, ‌the term "Extension" is used in the construction industry to refer to structural changes made to an existing structure by increasing its total square footage. In its most basic sense, it refers to adding more space or making an existing room larger while keeping it at the same ground level. If you want to extend your house, you must give up some of your yard space to make a room for the additional living space.

What is addition renovation?

At Spaice, We work with the best Additional and Extension contractors

Just like with the extension, the addition will provide additional living space for your home. You may not have to sacrifice any of your yard space because an "Addition" builds upward rather than outward as an extension does. A home addition increases the number of spaces in your current home that can be used for living purposes. In most cases, an addition will provide a new room that extends the area that is immediately next to it. If you have an Addition work done in your home, you will end up with an additional floor level. Increasing the height rather than the width.

Choosing between addition or extension renovation

During house renovation, most homeowners are often confused about whether to choose Addition or Extension renovation. Homeowners who work with Spaice don’t have to worry about this. When you book an appointment with us, we will send our team to inspect your property and come up with what is best for you. We will roll out several beautiful options for you to choose from. That is the Spaice advantage. Our contractors carry out renovations that guarantee huge ROI because we evaluate and advise you on what’s best to add, remove or extend.

House addition or extension areas of focus

Some addition or extension areas of focus include:

  • A living space that opens up from the indoors to the outdoors and features open-air eating and living spaces
  • Adding an operative rooftop terrace
  • An all-weather deck for dining, entertaining, relaxing, and bonding with family and friends
  • Affixing additional bedrooms
  • Adding or expanding a main bedroom with a toilet and bathtub
  • Adding more bathrooms where necessary
  • Expanding the kitchen and dining area
  • Adding a private lounge room or another living area which we can situate on another level
  • An all-around extension, often involving the renovation of the back and sides flanks of the house. This gives additional floor space around your property

House addition or extension renovation experts

Spaice has hundreds of experienced addition and extension contractors

Spaice has hundreds of experienced addition and extension contractors. They are the finest in constructing bespoke room extensions, as well as house remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and exterior construction projects.

Spaice will ensure that you get excellent designs, concepts, and results that are tailored to your requirements. With us, homeowners have access to the best home addition and extension in the United States and Canada.

Do not wait any further! Get in touch with us now and enjoy seamless and efficient renovation and addition solutions to your property.