Bathroom Renovation

Remodel your bathroom faster and more affordably than you ever thought possible

Stress-free bathroom renovation

From entry-level renovations to luxurious re-designs

If you want to renovate an entire bathroom, you don't need to shy away from the time investment. With us, everything goes quickly. We usually finish all the remodeling work in a week without making too much noise, dust, or dirt. We offer all bathroom renovation services from one source, so you won’t have to stress your pretty head. Our one-stop bathroom renovation service includes all furniture, floors, electric heating, ceiling design, fittings, bathtub painting, and all sanitary items.

Professional renovation solution

A streamlined renovation platform to plan, design, and build all in one place

Do you want a beautiful bathroom renovation solution? Spaice offers optimally coordinated elements to ensure a perfect, timeless look. Your bathroom will shine with a new look in no time at all, with minimal noise and dirt pollution. Our design ideas will help you choose between a partial renovation and a full solution. We offer all-glass sliding, revolving, and folding doors, which create even more space in your bathroom.

Spaice takes care of everything, from the planning phase to the selection of suitable materials and the quick but professional renovation.

Bespoke shower and bath solutions

Our experienced bathroom renovation contractors provide bespoke shower and bath solutions. Only the highest-quality components are installed. Many of them are produced in-house. This allows us to ensure a high-quality finish. We attach great importance to accessibility. We assemble only the best bathroom wares, which makes it possible to get a custom-built bathroom to your taste. As a result, we optimally use the space through individual production.

The best bathroom renovation process

We Can Transform Your Bathroom - Easy And Affordable

We have competent consultants who arrange an appointment with you by phone to visit your home. Then, with the help of original samples, photos, and catalogs, our inspection team works with you to determine what your bathroom should look like afterward. This gives you a beautiful and functional modern bathroom without having to visit a bathroom exhibition.

House renovation: before and after

Here are tons of house renovations BEFORE and AFTER photos & pictures of real renovations and home additions. All those projects were designed by the renovation plan specialists from Spaice.

01 before 01 after

Kitchen Renovation Project

Budget: $50,000

Time: 2 months

02 before 02 after

Full home renovation - Living room

Budget: 75,000

Time: 5 weeks

03 before 03 after

Full home renovation - Bedroom

Budget: 75,000

Time: 5 weeks

From renovation inspection to delivery, the process is transparent

Plan, Design, Build. Your Dream Project Starts With Us

During our inspection, you will get a fixed, budget-friendly quote for remodeling your bathroom right away, without having to wait until the conversation is over.

During the actual bathroom renovation, all the old parts that are no longer needed are taken out, thrown away, and replaced with new ones. This includes toilet seats, bathtubs, shower fixtures, and furniture.

Existing tiles may not be tampered with. But our experienced tile fitters will take out the old tiles if the customer asks or if we think it's necessary.

Attention to details

Client satisfaction is top priority

The Spaice team checks the working condition of your old pipes and installs new pipes if necessary.We always apply waterproofing to the walls of your bathroom and the entire floor.

We put in a new, barrier-free shower tray or bathtub and hook it up. We also put together the shower cubicle and all of its parts.

The bathroom furniture installation follows next before the ceiling installation and final cleaning.

At Spaice, we understand that one of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom because of its intimate nature and the frequency with which it is used.

Best bathroom renovation in Canada and the US

Get your bathroom renovation stress free, on budget, safely and on Time!

We offer a number of bathroom renovation services that, when finished, will turn your current bathroom into a useful, relaxing space that not only helps you unwind but also adds value to your home. Get in touch with us through our online contact form to get a bid for the upcoming bathroom remodeling project that you are planning.

With Spaice, you must get your desired result: checked, clean, complete, and ready to use. We explain all new functions to you, and we are satisfied only when you are satisfied. Of course, we are always there for you, even after the implementation.