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Commercial renovation seeks to restore or repair an existing structure. In general, this kind of renovation makes older buildings appear brand-new, putting them on the same pedestal as recently built structures. Commercial renovations are carried out when there is a need for a space more appealing and useful for those who will be using it, or to raise the resale value of a property in preparation for a sale.

From plans and permits to completing the project, commercial and industrial building contractors are qualified to help

A property owner may decide to make a commercial renovation to gain from both of those factors. Apartment buildings, for example, that have been renovated to their former glory can provide immediate value to the current tenants and improve the owner's chances of a more lucrative sale in the future. An excellent example of a successful commercial renovation project is the installation of new lighting points and a complete rewiring for worn-out, faulty, or even aged electrical systems.


Commercial renovation contractors also repair or replace worn-out bricks or siding that pose a threat to the building's appearance and structural integrity.

When carrying out commercial renovation, contractors get rid of post-construction linoleum, repairs any underlying wooden flooring flaws, and replace linoleum tiles with more resilient and long-lasting porcelain tiles.

When to hire a commercial renovation contractor

Are you looking to tackle a building renovation or start from the ground up?

Knowing precisely what kind of construction services you require is essential before hiring a contractor for commercial renovation construction in Canada or the US. Commercial renovation builders and contractors differ from one another. Some have a strong track record as shopping center builders, while others might specialize in design-build projects. There are significant variations between projects like transforming a shopping center into something entirely different, like apartment buildings, and design-build projects. You must understand the terminology.

When requesting bids and appointing a construction management team in Canada or the US, you must be very clear about what you want. Aside from commercial renovation projects,  other typical commercial project types are first-time commercial construction projects and commercial remodeling projects.

First-time commercial construction projects

First-time commercial construction is overly complicated because it entails doing precisely what its name says; constructing an entirely new structure from the ground up. In other words, it means turning an empty lot into a fully functional building by carrying out all of the necessary construction work. Even though this type of commercial construction project is easy to describe, it is one of the hardest to plan, staff, and finish successfully.

When beginning construction on a brand-new commercial building, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken. The following is an outline of the five major stages that you will go through:

  • Employ the services of an experienced architect;
  • Enlist the service of available commercial or industrial builders;
  • Compare documents and contracts bids from construction experts;
  • Wait for the building process as well as simultaneous certification;
  • Receive final handoff and make approvals.

You can save yourself loads of stress by hiring just one company to handle all of these phases. You will need to find commercial construction contractors who advertise themselves as full-on design-build contractors. Spaice is an example of such a company. We work with both the architects and the resources and team members needed to see a design through to completion.

Commercial remodeling projects

Changing the drapes in a residential or office building is only one part of a commercial remodeling project; the scope of these commercial remodeling projects is much broader. Simple Interior design and decorations are the very least, in terms of what an ordinary commercial general contractor anticipates and guarantees to deliver on a job. A commercial remodeling project is a project that is undertaken to permanently alter the interior, exterior, or both of an existing structure. This definition applies to projects of any size.

A good example of a project that falls under the category of commercial remodeling is the process of combining several rooms into a single area by eliminating walls or other types of barriers or partition structures between the rooms. Another option is when you add to the interior or exterior of a building, such as creating multiple rooms from one large, existing space or adding an interior garden.

720° virtual walkthrough renderings

Enjoy a complete 720-degree virtual property rendering. What you see is what you get with our virtual walkthrough renderings that showcase your house in lifelike High Definition videos and pictures. Give potential inhabitants a thorough, interactive tour of your house or workplace in 720 HD.

Choosing the best commercial renovation contractor

Choosing a commercial renovation contractor with experience in one of the aforementioned project types has value, but it's also a good idea to look for commercial contractors with knowledge of all three.

A substantial remodeling can do a lot to improve a building's property value.

A commercial renovation give you the perfect opportunity to fully embrace how your business has evolved

Commercial renovations, which are generally more cost-effective than new construction, provide a variety of benefits to the owners of the business, as well as to the employees and members of the community. There are likely some questions that remain for building owners who are interested in taking advantage of these benefits. At Spaice firm, we are always eager to share our expertise and personal experiences with both existing and prospective customers. Think about the potential advantages and drawbacks of a commercial renovation, and then get in touch with us to talk about your project and your ideas.

Advantages of commercial renovation

Renovating a commercial building has many advantages. Starting from the basics, the fact that their residence, office space, school, or institution is undergoing renovation will instill a sense of pride in those who currently live, work, attend classes there, or are members of the organization. This has the effect of energizing a team, which ultimately results in increased energy and employee productivity. A commercial renovation that is well-planned and designed can also attract new employees. The boost in property value that follows a commercial renovation is one of the most obvious benefits of the project, and the extent to which the renovation was carried out will have an impact on the building's resale value in the future.

Disadvantages of commercial renovation projects

Commercial renovation projects can be quite complicated, and each one is different from the others, but the budget and the schedule are typically the two primary concerns. A budget that has been planned out in advance but is still flexible will help keep expenses in check and on track. Even the most well-intentioned and detailed projects can be derailed by unanticipated complications, despite the best efforts of meticulous planning and transparent communication, which can help reduce the need for costly rework and change orders. It is essential to have the mindset that you will face some unexpected challenges. Because it is economically draining for a company to close its doors for several months while undergoing renovations, the company typically needs to find alternative solutions, such as relocating to a temporary location. Because of the potential for this disruption to affect productivity, everyone is eager to get back to business as usual and as quickly as possible. An experienced contractor should be able to take into account the particulars of your construction project and provide you with an estimated timeline and schedule, even though no two building projects are the same in any way.

Get the best commercial renovation solution now

Spaice provides the best commercial remodels to all extents

When you are planning a commercial renovation, choosing the right contractor to do the work for you is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. If you are ready to improve the function and use of your commercial space by taking it through commercial renovations, consider partnering with Spaice. We work with Canada's best commercial renovation contractors, which are the most qualified in the design and construction industry.

Our team has extensive experience working with a diverse range of regions, historical boards, and architectural boards, in addition to zoning, state and local building codes, and a wide variety of other relevant rules and regulations. Get in touch with Spaice as soon as possible to start the process of renovating your commercial space or to discuss your ideas.

Why work with Spaice Commercial Renovation?

Spaice is your number-one-stop shop for all commercial renovation projects. We take over the coordination of your commercial construction project and implement it reliably and on schedule. Whether renovation & renovation, interior design, demolition, or new construction. As a general contractor, we have the necessary technical expertise and support you in implementing your commercial renovation projects according to your ideas. Here are a few fronts from where we help solve your commercial renovation problems:

Renovation, painting, mold removal, plastering

Spaice is your reliable collaborator that will help you renovate your home, business building, or individual rooms. You may be about to move, and as a result, you don't have the time or desire to completely paint or renovate the new or old apartment. No matter what kind of remodeling is involved, the team at Spaice is always ready to assist you with professional remodeling and painting work. We can paint or wallpaper your apartment, lay the floors, paint the windows and doors, and provide you with a variety of other services as part of an extensive renovation. Because, in addition to private households, we undertake renovation work in both the residential and commercial sectors. It would be our pleasure to design something for you, your property, or both.

All renovations, in addition to painting

Renovating a home or an entire building complex can be a laborious and time-consuming process at times. Depending on the state of the property, there is a wide variety of work that needs to be done to the interior and exterior of the building, all of which requires a reliable partner:

  • Take down any outdated wallpaper.
  • Repaper the walls and renew the plaster using roller plaster or textured plaster, for example.
  • Filling holes, applying plaster, and smoothing out ceilings and walls.
  • Painting the walls and ceilings, as well as other painting projects
  • Water damage, mold removal, and many other services are also provided.

We will gladly complete all painting and remodeling tasks for you, and we will do so in a competent, prompt, and dependable manner. Naturally, mold and moisture removal services are also a component of the all-inclusive package that is provided. We take precautions to ensure that the troublesome mold will not return.

Advice, planning, and implementation: this is our approach to renovation

At the outset, we always provide advice that is exhaustive, professional, and all-encompassing. After all, we want to make sure that the technology we provide you is perfectly suited to the upcoming remodeling project. Following the planning stage is the implementation by trained professionals. We only use tried and tested materials, and we always keep our workspace clean and stay on schedule. We always come up with the optimal solution, whether it be for personal or business use. Spaice is always a reliable partner with its comprehensive range of renovation and refurbishment work, regardless of whether the work is being done indoors or outdoors.

Extension + conversion of older properties

Are you missing a children's room or would you like a larger living room? A conversion of your property can work wonders - we would be happy to advise you!

We renovate and refurbish according to your wishes and modern, energetic standards, also traditional half-timbered buildings in the old country (in cooperation with monument preservation) and implement buildings with all the necessary trades.

Energy renovation

With professional renovations, energy costs can be reduced significantly and the (residential) value of your house can be increased. We recognize and eliminate thermal bridges and create interior and exterior wall insulation.

One of our competent experts will be happy to come to you, examine/evaluate the existing structures, and determine which measures and building materials are suitable and what costs you will incur.

Execution of tiling work

We professionally lay tiles in the utility room, kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in your house: monochrome, classic black and white or with artistic patterns, natural and artificial stone, high-quality ceramics, quartz composite, and also large format tiles.

If required, we can offer you this in a package with partial or complete renovations, including the electrical system and the installation of new sanitary and kitchen facilities.

Fire and water damage restoration and graffiti removal

Our renovation is an all-around service, your contact person is at your side.

We plan, estimate, obtain permits and work with your insurance company - all to minimize downtime.

Our experienced and trained specialists take emergency measures and take care of cleaning, odor neutralization, and disposal of pollutants. We take care of all trades and manage the work up to the turnkey handover of the renovated building.

Renovations, large or small, are part of our regular offer.

Aside from commercial renovation, complete and partial renovations are among our main areas of specialization.

Our design is technically clean, economical, user-oriented, and planned and implemented.

"you have the overview, we have the responsibility"

Every aspect of building construction needs its specialists. We work with professionals and offer:

  • complete renovations
  • partial renovations
  • floor coverings
  • floor laying
  • floor designs
  • Windows and doors
  • glazing
  • electrical work
  • electrical installation
  • networks
  • Wet and dry construction
  • bricklaying
  • loft conversion
  • wall collapse
  • renovation works
  • putty work
  • assembly work
  • silicone works
  • garbage disposal
  • apartment resolutions
  • Old Building Restoration
  • renovation of old buildings
  • Old building renovation
  • carpentry work
  • Assembly work and clearing work
  • Painting and varnishing work
  • tile work
  • Plumbing and heating installation
  • bathroom renovation