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It can be difficult to choose the colors of a home renovation contractor exterior. There are a few important things to know about exterior color choices to achieve the look you want for your home renovation contractor.

Let’s take a look at a fundamental but crucial difference between selecting exterior and interior colors when considering ideas for home renovation contractor siding. Because of how much color is affected by light and the colors around it, even the same paint color can look very different inside and out. The perception of exterior colors is significantly influenced by natural and intense lighting conditions. Altitude and the surrounding natural elements, such as a vivid blue sky, dense trees, or desert mountains, influence lighting conditions. Paint colors always appear lighter—quite a bit lighter—on an exterior, regardless of location. Pick a color that is two shades darker than you actually want it to be for the exterior as a general rule. On an exterior, for instance, an off-white or cream color frequently reads bright white. A creamy or warm off-white color like beige or light gray can look like that.

Consider this example of modern design: One homeowner wanted an off-white exterior paint color for her house. She was surprised by the color their designer suggested because it seemed too gray and too dark. The color that was chosen was as follows:

Does it not appear to be off-white? It looks light gray inside, with a hint of blue-green undertone. The effect of this paint color on the walls here is quite different from what it would have on the exterior of a home renovation contractor in true natural light, despite the fact that this bedroom has ample natural light. The homeowner observed, after sampling the color on the home renovation contractor exterior, that it appeared much lighter than it did on a small paint chip or on a paint fan deck. The same color appears this way on the house’s exterior:

It’s also important to remember that exterior color will look different on different sides of the house, at different times of day, in different lighting, and even in different weather. These pictures were taken on the same day at the same time, but the paint color in a section where sunlight hits it directly and in a section where it doesn’t is different:

If you want a dark color as an accent on shutters or trim, go darker than you think you should because it will read lighter once it is up on an exterior. If there is no direct sunlight, the color will appear darker. Usually, you should go two shades darker than you think you should. Exterior paint colors should always be sampled during daylight hours on-site. Many designers suggest painting half sheets of heavy poster board with two good coats of each possible paint to help you decide. As you move them around the home renovation contractor , hold them next to the windows, roofline, or any exterior stone or brick to see how the color looks against those elements. Make sure to sample on various exterior sides, both in direct sunlight and shade.

16 prefinished exterior color options are available in the LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® color collection. 

More information on how to choose exterior home renovation contractor colors that are appropriate for your home’s style and age can be found in subsequent blog posts. Try the LP SmartSide Home Visualizer, our siding visualizer tool, to see your design on a home renovation contractor if you’re ready to try a new style or one of the most popular siding colors!

Moving ahead: Tips for Organizing a Move: Did you know that Americans are one of the world’s most mobile people? According to the Census Bureau of the United States, approximately 12% of Americans move each year, most frequently for a new job or a job relocation. Moving is, without a doubt, a difficult task. LP Outdoor Building Solutions, your number one source for high-quality products for backyard sheds, offers the following suggestions to assist you in getting organized if you are feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty of moving everything you own from Point A to Point B.


It’s easy to lose track of what needs to be done for a move when you’re wrapping up things at your current residence and setting up housing and utilities at your new location. Make a planner or notebook specifically for the move and carry it with you at all times. Keep track of information about the home renovation contractor you visited. It can be used to keep track of appointments and the phone numbers of realtors, mortgage brokers, handymen, and other people who are important to your move. The key to a stress-free move is having all of this information at your fingertips!


Make a moving legend with colored circular sticker labels to represent each room in your new home renovation contractor . Each box should have a colored sticker on its top that corresponds to the room it goes into. Each room’s doorway should be covered with a piece of colored cardstock so that movers will know where to put each box. This will make it clear where to put the boxes on moving day, saving you a lot of time when unpacking.

Put a description of the contents on the labels of each box.

Make sure to write down what’s inside each box as well as color-coding them according to the room. You can use this to figure out what needs to be unpacked first in the new home renovation contractor . Pack items from different rooms in different boxes.

Pack a box marked “LAST OUT, FIRST IN.”

This box—or boxes—holds the everyday necessities that your family will require for the first day and night in your new home renovation contractor . You should bring snacks, favorite toys, blankets, and pillows if you have young children. Animals will require dishes and food. Will you be required to bring a vacuum, cleaning supplies, and laptop computer? Consider your immediate requirements, and pack those boxes last in the moving truck so they arrive at the new residence first.

Do you need more space at the new location?

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