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Using small spaces to create big impacts!

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Achieving the highest possible quality

Through our expert contractors, Spaice offers the best Laneway building construction or renovations that are unique in design, purpose, and surroundings. We are professionals at making the most of your budget while yet achieving the highest possible quality in terms of materials, design, and construction. We make the most of every square inch of your Laneway and Garden Suite, whether it's being used as a homestead for a family member or as a long-term rental space. Browse through our laneway house gallery to find out about what we have accomplished in the past, what we are currently working on, our future projections, and what we will accomplish with your project.

Advantages of owning a Laneway building

One of the best housing solutions for families

Families grow and eventually need an expansive home with bigger housing provisions. Providing such roomy housing comes with huge financial costs, and may require family members to move to another location. Laneway apartments solve this problem by providing accommodation for extended family members and even friends.

Laneway housing as a source of income

Owning functional laneway and garden suites in your home or other properties is worthwhile. Mostly, the goal goes beyond providing living space for extended family members or in-laws. Your laneway and garden building can be a magnificent cash cow that gives you a huge return on investment when considered as a rental or income property.

Laneway and garden suites have become a big deal, offering mouthwatering R.O.I to owners. With the increasing scarcity of rental apartments in fast-developing regions and cities, building a laneway house or putting an existing one to good use will fetch you a fortune. Most tenants prefer laneway and garden suite apartments over other types of housing. There are several reasons for this, of which one is how affordable laneway houses are.

Why not take advantage and earn a fortune by building a new or renovating an existing laneway and garden suites? They will further improve the overall looks of your property, making it aesthetically pleasing.

We summarize our laneway custom building jobs in one simple sentence; using small spaces to create big impacts!

Laneway house design & build. From floor plans to construction.

Spaice occupies a place of pride as one of the leading home renovation contractors in Canada and the US. We have the distinct pleasure of assisting our clients in handling the laneway renovation of their dreams. Spaice works with specialists in the renovation of custom Laneway Homes. We design, build and renovate the ideal laneway and garden suites that are irresistible. We always have and will meet all of your requirements for a home addition, whether you are looking for an elegant design or a warm and inviting open-concept addition.

Trusting Spaice - A Professional in Laneway & Garden Suites

Creating the perfect laneway suite starts with trust the right company

Don't have a laneway property? Consider getting one. Have an existing laneway and garden suit? Give it a custom renovation!

If you would like more information on the different laneway and garden suites and the prices associated with installing or renovating one, please ‌get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful staff at Spaice.