Nine Best house renovations that add value to your house

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The importance of house renovations cannot be overemphasized. Among many other things, house renovations make your house look better and make it worth more to people who might want to buy it. When you want to sell your house, full and professional house renovations will cut the time it stays on the real estate market and increase the number of interested people. House renovations can increase the sale price of your property, especially when the house is in poor condition or in an area that is in high demand.

What house renovations add value to a house?

So, are you thinking of selling your house? Are you wondering how to raise the buying value of your house? Ask no more, and learn from Spaice house renovation experts as we explain nine important house renovations that will revalue your property, enhance its beauty, and allow you to sell it in less time!

Renovate the bathroom

The bathroom is more than a simple wet room—this is where the day begins and ends. Modern bathrooms are built to be so homey that they are fast replacing visits to the spa. Bathrooms make the best first impression and are still one of the most important things home buyers look out for during a property inspection. Home buyers want a well-equipped bathroom that is both comfy and functional.

When carrying out house renovations, the bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be expensive for it to change the ambiance and value of your house. So even if a full bathroom makeover is out of your budget, you can vastly improve the appearance of your bathroom on a pocket-friendly budget by installing basic, functional, but modern bathroom facilities that will leave a positive impression on every potential house buyer visiting your property. You can replace old fixtures, change old tiles for new ones, renovate walls, and install a new bathtub, shower, and other wares. These are must-have bathroom accessories that increase the value of your home. Buyers often look for bathrooms that are modern, functional, and stylish. If you can give them these, you can count on their willingness to pay whatever price tag you place on your property. Are you considering house renovations? Don’t leave the bathroom!

A beautiful kitchen is worth twice as more

The kitchen is another area that draws buyers’ attention during a home inspection. When potential buyers inspect a house, they usually check out the kitchen appliances. A comfortable and well-designed kitchen not only makes a better first impression but also makes life better. A kitchen not only has to look good, but it also has to be practical and ergonomically perfect for everyday use. One way to make your house worth more is to do things to improve its value in the kitchen. There are many ways to do this. A complete renovation is a good idea if your kitchen shows signs of damage and your budget allows for a fresh start. However, during house renovations, kitchen renovation does not have to be expensive. You can work with an affordable budget.

If your kitchen has not been used much and is in good shape, you can change it on a small budget. For example, you can achieve huge results with simple kitchen renovations, like changing worn kitchen fronts.

New kitchen handles are also an inexpensive way to give the entire kitchen a modern look. If the worktop is scratched, swollen, or simply no longer up to date, you can think about replacing it. Above all, spending money on high-quality solid wood worktops is a good idea and will help increase the value of your home. But granite countertops are also popular and keep their value.

A high-quality and functionally equipped kitchen means that you can enjoy cooking for yourself—and potential buyers who are visiting a property know that too. When carrying out house renovations, completely remodeling the kitchen is an expensive step, but it’s worth it if you want to get a lot more money when you sell the house. A modern kitchen with lots of space and innovative appliances is popular with families with children. If you are aiming for this target group when selling your house, it is worth thinking about a kitchen renovation.

Revaluing your house through wall and floor renovations

If you update the look of your walls and floors, you can raise the value of your home. There is a direct relationship between your chosen finish and the aesthetics and value addition that you will get. When the walls and floor are in good shape, it adds a lot to the value of your home and gets the attention of potential buyers who make great offers.

When carrying out wall-focused house renovations, you may need to consider fixing the flaws in the walls, changing the wall finish, or painting in light colors.

What is the best wall finish?

The final finish on the walls is not something that should be thought about on its own. Everything has to fit. But lime plasters, cement plasters, clay mortars, and cement coatings all belong to a group of wall finishes that can’t go wrong. If you want to update your walls in a way that is cheap, long-lasting, and adds value to your home, use any of these materials or ask a professional for help with your house renovations.

What is the best floor finish?

Wood, carpet, concrete, bamboo—you can find the right material depending on the room, use, and personal preferences for your house renovations.

But since the floor makes up a large part of every living space and has a significant impact on the overall impression, a simple floor covering such as plastic should be avoided and replaced with robust variants—for example, a beautiful and high-quality tile or wooden floor.

Since this is a long-term purchase, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of each floor covering. Get the opinion of professional house renovation experts.

Add value to your house through open spaces

During house renovations, the easiest way to create more space is by decluttering. Having enough space in your home is both beautiful and good for your well-being. Also, sitting in a crowded room surrounded by an abundance of furniture and accessories every day will eventually feel overwhelming, especially if the available space looks and feels just as cluttered. This shows that it is time to clear the space and remove furniture or decoration pieces that no longer add value or have reached the end of their useful lives. The same could apply to walls: if you’re leaning towards adding more space or freeing them up, remove any non-load-bearing walls. Make sure that the wall you are removing is done with the help of an expert to avoid a structural disaster. Open spaces in your house are not only comfortable and make it look better, but they also raise the value of your home because buyers prefer houses with open spaces to those without.

Improve light effects

When you want to increase the value of your home, house renovations that make your home brighter are a plus. Light can change the perception of a space in terms of spaciousness, brightness, and warmth. Both natural light and artificial lighting are defining aspects of a home.

To achieve a cozy space, the light bulb must be super bright and around 3000K. Indirect lighting also provides warmth. As far as lighting is concerned, adding points of light in places where it is necessary, adding some velvet ribbons or some geometric motif, and playing with the mirrors will give a better feeling that house buyers won’t forget in a hurry.

For natural lighting, opt for clear curtains that enhance the entry of sunlight into the house and eliminate unnecessary obstacles and excess furniture to provide greater light.

Refurbish Closets

The dream home of every potential home buyer is one with maximum comfort. Closets allow for a top-notch organization that precedes this comfort. Home buyers want to see a closet that can hold their belongings and look good at the same time.

Renovating your closets is a great way to shorten the time your house stays on the market and get great deals for it.

To renovate a closet and get the best result, your house renovation plan must not only focus on the outside but also the interior finish and its layout.

When you are installing a closet for the first time, it is important to seek the advice of an expert who will help decide the type of closet that will be suitable for your property, whether built-in or freestanding closet. An experienced house renovations engineer will determine the best closet for your house renovations.

Renovate to enhance energy efficiency

Improving your property’s energy efficiency is one of the most important house renovations that add value to your house.

As energy prices keep rising, homeowners are increasingly interested in properties that are energy efficient. A house’s value goes up when renovations are done to make it more energy efficient. Improving the exterior insulation, changing the windows for others that prevent heat and cold losses, or replacing the heating or hot water system with a more efficient one are details that will make potential buyers offer more.

Best way to enhance energy efficiency

Consider doing the following to enhance the energy efficiency of your house:

  • Get a central heating and air conditioning system. You can choose to install electric heating systems or talk to a certified HVAC technician to recommend the best energy-efficient heating system for your home.
  • Invest in ventilation ducts. They are more expensive than the typical splits, but they give very good results.
  • While renovating the floor, check for leaks, repair dampness, and re-insulate the walls.
  • With enclosures, it is important to remember good insulation is one point that gives a house the most value, so changing windows in an old house is essential to increase its value.
  • Go for window models with thermal break, acoustic glass, and air chamber.

These changes will not only make your house more energy efficient, but they will also make it look a lot better.

Invest in home automation

During house renovations, experts recommend considering home automation as an alternative to revaluing our home.

Home automation has a lot of features that make it possible to control energy use, save money on it, and make the home more comfortable. From the implantation of sensors with which to automate every aspect of life at home to placing piped music or an electronic lock, the appeal of these upgrades can far outweigh their price.

Others are automation alternatives that control the raising and lowering of blinds and those that can also regulate lighting and heating when you are not in the home.

Eliminate setbacks for the buyer and Depersonalize

Home buyers looking for a renovated home will appreciate having to make very few or no improvements at all. During house renovations, it is essential to repair even the smallest faults that the buyer can notice. When you put everything in good condition, potential buyers will be grateful to know that they are buying a property in which nearly everything is in perfect condition.

When doing all these, remove all personal effects and excess furniture and replace them with a minimalist style decoration, which allows your potential buyers to see the house as their future new home.

Conclusion: The general rule of house renovations

The ultimate aim of house renovations is to make your house stand out from the competition, and even with a higher sale price tag, buyers will gladly opt for the property. House renovations should be carried out in such a way that the future homeowner can easily imagine the house as his own home. There are two principal rules of house renovations, which are quality and simplicity. The rule for quality home improvements is that any changes you make must be unique and increase the value of your home. There must be simplicity in that, and the changes that are made must be neutral enough to be liked by most potential buyers.

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