Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen? Follow These Hacks!


The cost of remodeling a kitchen is the highest of any space, and even simple changes like painting the walls and cabinets, replacing the sink, updating the backsplash, changing the faucet, and hardware, adding pendant lighting, and upgrading the electrical system can run a few thousand bucks or more.

If you remove walls, change the layout, and purchase new cabinets, countertops, and appliances, the cost of remodeling your kitchen will eventually increase tenfold. Hiring a contractor or a designer to do things for you will also add up to the cost.

Before you fully embark on a very costly project, here are some clever hacks that you can do to get the most bang for your buck when renovating your kitchen.

Give your cabinetry a makeover

Tired of the look of your kitchen cabinets? Don’t demolish them just yet! Remember that between 30% and 40% of the expense of your kitchen remodel may go toward new cabinets. If you have other things to update like the backsplash, paint, flooring, ceiling, and countertops, you might not have enough money if you decide to build a new cabinet from scratch.

What you can do instead is to give it a new look. Refinish your cabinets, repaint them, replace the hardware, and modify some cabinet storage for a more modern appeal. Transform old drawers into a functional storage space by integrating racks. It is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen an upgrade and it can be a manageable DIY project.

Invest in hardware

A change in hardware can make a whole difference in the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. First, determine the interior design style that you want to achieve. Are you aiming for something modern and sleek? Do you prefer the rustic chic look? Maybe something industrial and sharp?

Old traditional cabinets can be transformed into modern ones with the proper hardware choice. When buying new hardware, consider finishes and appearance. Take into account other hardware choices, such as drawer slides and hinges, and how they will complement your existing cabinet hardware. Lastly, examine your available choices for knobs and pulls.

Replace your old faucet

The faucet is perhaps the most used fixture in your cabinet. Therefore, it is only practical to invest in a quality one. If your sink is close to a window, ensure the faucet and handle clearances are sufficient so you won't crack your knuckles on the sill. To avoid having to bend over to do the dishes, pick a single basin that is as big as you can fit and no deeper than 10 inches. One of the most popular materials for kitchen faucets is nickel. Nickel may be polished and has durable finishes. Classic nickel is one of the most well-liked faucet color choices because it will go well with your typical color scheme.

Mind the lighting

There are three distinct styles of lighting fixture for your kitchen. These are recessed ceiling fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, and pendant lights. You should install all of them to complete the lighting design of your kitchen and achieve the perfect ambiance.

  • Recessed ceiling fixtures

These lights are installed on the ceiling of your kitchen to provide a general ambient light to the space. It is the very first layer of your lighting composition and should be properly placed in areas to illuminate the working space.

  • Under-cabinet lighting

Use this to illuminate the work surfaces for task lighting and, to draw attention to the cabinetry, backsplash, and worktops.

  • Pendant lights

Use beautiful pendant lights that emit diffuse light to illuminate work areas like islands, peninsulas, and sinks to avoid casting shadows.

Repaint your walls

Repainting a new layer of paint on your kitchen walls can make a whole lot of difference. Your kitchen walls could benefit from a fresh coat of paint to help seal out moisture, conceal dirt and imperfections, and make it look good as new. Furthermore, high-quality paint can assist repel allergens, dust, and filth, making it simpler to keep your kitchen clean.

Base cabinets, wall cabinets, and backsplashes take up the majority of the wall space in a kitchen. Due to the generally constrained amount of wall space, painting the kitchen is, in some respects, simpler than painting bedrooms or living rooms.

Change your backsplash design

Kitchen backsplashes are made to last for years. However, when mishaps occur and tiles are broken, it is crucial to repair or replace the backsplash as quickly as possible to prevent harm to the drywall. If your backsplash is damage, replace it right away with a new design. You can also change your kitchen backsplash solely for aesthetic purposes. Are you planning to switch interior designs styles? Give your kitchen space a new vibe by changing your backsplash design.

Accessorize it

Another way to make your kitchen appealing is to use decor items. When accessorizing the kitchen use items that are beautiful yet practical. Your kitchen island is the ideal place to design a visually interesting centerpiece. If you have plenty of storage shelves, use it to display items like cookware, vases, artworks, collectibles, and the like.

Stack a few lovely cutting boards against each other at various angles to add some fun to your counter space. Fresh flowers in a vase are always a lovely option. Put them on your kitchen counter and change the flowers every once in a while to give your kitchen vibrance and life.  Put some nice dish towels on the worktops or drape them over the sink for a casual homely look.

Invest in storage spaces

The more storage space you have, the better. Investing in storage spaces whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom is always a practical decision. It can increase the value of your house when you decide to sell it and it can keep your kitchen organized all the time. Among other spaces, the kitchen is the hardest to maintain and keep clean.

Pantries, cabinets, and counters can be messy and cluttered especially if you prepare meals three times a day. Cleaning the workspaces right after cooking can be tiring. Having enough spaces to store utensils, cookware, and condiments will make organizing and cleaning easier for you. Install racks, shelves, and dividers in your cabinets to categorize the items.

Before you embark on a renovation project, it is important that you already know where the project is going. What is your main goal for renovating? Is it primarily for aesthetics? For functionality? Or both? Plan on how you are going to approach the renovation and keep in mind the hacks we’ve listed above to make your kitchen renovation smooth and successful.

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