Your Trusted Retail Store Renovation Experts

Spaice offers authorized and protected retail store renovation services in Toronto. With over ten years of experience, we proudly serve renowned organizations, providing top-notch commercial remodel services, including office, school, optical store, franchise, and strip mall renovations.

Customer-Focused Approach: We create unique and extraordinary shop designs that leave a lasting impression on customers, catering to your specific business needs and goals.

Visual Appeal and Productivity: Our well-executed renovations enhance the shopping experience, boosting sales and staff productivity.

Expert Guidance: Our experienced commercial contractors understand the latest trends, styles, lighting, and codes, crafting renovations that exceed expectations.

Ideal Timing: We help you choose the right time for renovations, considering customer flow and seasonal shopping patterns.

Shopping Mall Renovations: Spaice specializes in prestigious shopping mall renovations, ensuring your mall attracts and retains customers for business growth.

Franchise Excellence: Our comprehensive retail renovation services elevate your franchise, with expert guidance and cost-effective solutions.


Choose Spaice for Top-notch Dental Office Renovation

When it comes to dental office renovation in Toronto & GTA, Spaice is the leading choice. With extensive experience in dental office design and renovation, we understand the vital connection between a well-designed office and building credibility with clients. A poorly maintained dental office may inadvertently affect the perception of your dental services, leading to potential client loss.

At Spaice, we excel in both elegant and practical designs, providing pocket-friendly solutions that meet your needs. Our team of qualified engineers and skilled designers will revamp your dental office with a captivating and welcoming atmosphere, attracting more patients and reflecting your professionalism.

From the reception area to the dental clinic itself, we prioritize creating hygienic, well-organized spaces with high-tech equipment that assure patients of their safety and care. Easy maintenance and efficient space utilization are our specialties.

With Spaice, expect top-notch materials, efficient project management, and minimal disruptions to your business. Trust us to transform your dental office into a fascinating space that leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Contact us today for a dental office renovation that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.


Choose Spaice for Expert Manufacturing Construction

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving with new consumer demands and advancements in technology. As a leading industrial builder and top manufacturing construction contractor, Spaice stays ahead of the curve, implementing cutting-edge systems to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. With a tried and true design-build approach, Spaice simplifies complex manufacturing projects, providing integrative and intelligent solutions.

Spaice's expertise spans various facility types, including pulp & paper, chemical, auto, GMP laboratories, consumer products, and heavy machinery. Whether it's new construction, expansions, or renovations, Spaice challenges the status quo to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

Spaice provides creative solutions for manufacturing projects of any complexity or scale. Contact us today to design and build your manufacturing facility with confidence.


Your Trusted Pharmacy Renovation Partner

For successful pharmacy construction, Spaice stands out as a reliable and experienced choice in Toronto & GTA. With unique expertise in pharmacy needs, we offer tailored solutions from the early planning stages to create a functional and welcoming space. Our designs incorporate high-level security, storage solutions, and client-focused layouts.

Our services cover every aspect of the pharmacy renovation project, from logistics, permitting, and planning to security implementation and aesthetic finishes. We prioritize optimal layouts, privacy for clients, and well-designed spaces for additional services like vaccinations and health checks.

With Spaice, you benefit from faster and superior quality construction projects. We take extra time at the start to understand your vision and offer guidance on challenges. Throughout the process, our expert team ensures a hassle-free experience, staying on schedule and within budget.

Choose Spaice for forward-thinking and full-service solutions. We stay up-to-date with industry trends and requirements, delivering cutting-edge facilities. From location selection to final finishes and equipment sourcing, we manage every aspect, providing you with a competitive edge in the pharmacy industry. Trust us to bring your pharmacy dreams to reality with commitment and integrity.


Your Trusted Office Renovation Specialist

Every business owner has unique budget, style, and preference requirements for office renovations. At Spaice, we specialize in multiple aspects of office renovation and deliver the results you desire. Before starting the physical renovation, we understand your design goals, which will determine the approach, timeline, and budget for the project.

Our office renovation services are diverse, catering to different styles and needs. From replacing worn-out flooring with stylish and durable tiles or carpet to providing fresh coats of paint on walls for the perfect ambience, we enhance the overall look of your office. Our interior designers collaborate with you to create aesthetically appealing, safe, and functional office layouts.

As a trusted renovation specialist with generations of experience in office design, we use only the best materials and offer cost-effective solutions. Embrace office renovation as a sign of your business growth and success. Contact Spaice today for excellent and affordable office renovation services!


Your Top Choice for Restaurant Renovation

Spaice is the leading-edge restaurant renovation contractor in Toronto & GTA, offering the best restaurant renovation services. With a decade of experience, our expert designers and contractors revamp your restaurant beyond imagination, ensuring its success. We understand your business needs and prioritize clients' comfort, creating a restaurant that reflects your vision.

From design and construction to renovation, we cover all aspects to make your dream restaurant a reality. Our unique planning and understanding set us apart from competitors, and we work closely with you throughout the renovation process to ensure your satisfaction.

With Spaice, you get unparalleled expertise, commendable engineering, and efficient project management. Whether it's minor renovations or a full-scale transformation, we breathe new life into your restaurant, creating a modern and inviting space. Choose Spaice for exceptional restaurant renovation services in Toronto & GTA.