Professional custom home builders

Spaice specializes in crafting custom-built homes that reflect your unique taste and lifestyle. Our experienced builders create one-of-a-kind residences tailored to your preferences and budget. We offer you the freedom to choose everything from appliances to custom cabinetry, ensuring your home is truly yours. Whether you desire an open layout or room partitions, our team accommodates your needs. We use only high-quality materials, and our professionals undergo rigorous screening to ensure excellence. Contrary to assumptions, a custom-built home can fit within your financial means. At Spaice, we partner with you to create your dream home, prioritizing your vision and budget from design to move-in day.


Full-Fledged Renovation Services at Your Doorstep

Are you looking to renovate your home? The first step is finding a professional contractor. At Spaice, we connect you with expert home renovation contractors in Toronto and GTA who specialize in remodelling residential properties. They ensure projects are completed on time, using the best methods and high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Our commitment to excellence has earned us high ratings on HomeStars and Google, and we take pride in our satisfied customers. With Spaice, homeowners can enjoy a safe, smooth, and enjoyable renovation experience.


House addition or extension areas of focus

  • A living space that opens up from the indoors to the outdoors and features open-air eating and living spaces
  • Adding an operative rooftop terrace
  • An all-weather deck for dining, entertaining, relaxing, and bonding with family and friends
  • Affixing additional bedrooms
  • Adding or expanding a main bedroom with a toilet and bathtub
  • Adding more bathrooms where necessary
  • Expanding the kitchen and dining area
  • Adding a private lounge room or another living area which we can situate on another level
  • An all-around extension, often involving the renovation of the back and sides flanks of the house. This gives additional floor space around your property

Design & Build - From Floor Plans To Construction

Spaice occupies a place of pride as one of the leading home renovation contractors in Toronto and GTA. We have the distinct pleasure of assisting our clients in handling the laneway renovation of their dreams. Spaice works with specialists in the renovation of custom Laneway Homes. We design, build and renovate the ideal laneway and garden suites that are irresistible. We always have and will meet all of your requirements for a home addition, whether you are looking for an elegant design or a warm and inviting open-concept addition.


Custom Kitchens Design For Your Life

Kitchen renovations are vital, given the kitchen's importance in a home. Over time, even the best kitchens show signs of wear, become outdated, and may no longer accommodate growing families or increase kitchenware. Instead of a costly full replacement, our kitchen renovation team can transform your existing kitchen into a modern, comfortable space. We replace old fronts, handles, and hinges, offering a variety of styles to suit your taste. Whether you need an extension or additional features, we tailor the renovation to your needs and budget, making your kitchen a favourite space again.


Affordable & High-Quality Basement Finishing in Toronto

Basement renovations can be extensive, requiring a tailored approach. Our team inspects your basement to determine the best course of action, from replastering walls to replacing floor coverings. A comprehensive renovation may be necessary in cases of aging or weather impact. We handle all aspects, including sealing the basement with perimeter insulation, installing a horizontal barrier, adding a special barrier layer to the floor, and replastering walls. An expert assessment ensures we identify any issues and recommend long-term improvements for your basement.


From entry-level renovations to luxurious re-designs

Spaice provides a stress-free, comprehensive bathroom renovation service, from entry-level makeovers to luxury redesigns. We complete most projects within a week, minimizing noise and disruption. Our one-stop service includes all aspects of bathroom renovation, from furniture and flooring to fittings and sanitary items. We offer design ideas for partial or full renovations, including space-enhancing all-glass doors. Our consultants work with you to plan your dream bathroom, providing a fixed, budget-friendly quote. We handle everything from removing old fixtures to installing new ones, ensuring a beautiful, functional modern bathroom.


Specializes in all types of retail renovations: stores, offices, restaurants and more

Are you planning a commercial renovation? Spaice has Toronto's top commercial renovation team to enhance your commercial space. Our team has extensive experience navigating diverse regions, historical and architectural boards, zoning, state and local building codes, and other relevant regulations. We're ready to help you improve the functionality and use of your commercial space. Contact Spaice to start your renovation process or discuss your ideas.