Thinking of Changing the Layout of Your House? Here are Some Ideas We Think You’d Like


There are various reasons why we would want to change the layout of our house. For some, it is when they have just bought a new property with the thought of renovating it and making a few alterations to fit their preferences. Other homeowners simply want to remove barriers and make an open floor plan. There are also people who want to add an extra room, whether a nursery, library, or home office.

Regardless of the reason why you want to alter your house renovations, it’s unarguable that putting up and tearing down interior walls is not an easy task. You might end up satisfied or unhappy with your decision only after you’ve done it. As much as possible, you want to avoid the latter. If your house is old and a bit outdated with numerous barriers and partitions that you want to get rid of, here are a few home layout ideas you can do to avoid making a wrong decision.

1.    Building a basement

Building a basement in an existing house is possible. If you live in a house with limited outdoor space for a ground floor expansion, then building a basement would be an ideal option. The construction would likely involve excavating, pouring, or installing concrete floors and walls, adding finishes, and installing building utilities.

There are many things that you can make use of in a basement if you decided to build one. You can use it as a storage space, a movie room, a man cave, or even a service room where you can do laundry, repair things, and many others.

2.    Adding a lateral expansion

Another way where you can alter the layout of your house is by adding a lateral expansion. This is ideal for homeowners who have enough outdoor space or a few extra meters in their backyard. The most common lateral expansion that homeowners do is create a garage. If you already have a garage, look for areas in your yard and see if you can extend your living area or dining area. Doing this will enlarge the space of the interior and provide you with more options on what to do with the space.

3.    Adding a bathroom

Find areas in your house that don’t always get foot traffic. Areas like these are considered dead spaces and it really is such a waste of space to let these areas exist without any function. A clever way to get rid of dead spaces is to optimize them and transform that areas into functional ones. It can be a storage space if the area is very small or you can also transform it into a bathroom or powder room. Having more than two bathrooms in the house is always a good idea. Therefore, if you have dead spaces around, use the opportunity to make that space useful and be creative about it.

4.    Building a lovely deck

Outdoor areas are sought-after features of homebuyers when they search for properties to buy. Of course, everyone loves a beautiful and peaceful outdoor area where the family and guests can lounge. If you feel like your living room is too compact to accommodate a large number of guests, consider building a lovely deck adjacent to your living or dining room. You can use the space to entertain guests after a dinner party or host outdoor parties.

5.    Create an open concept

Making a house more open is a straightforward and cost-effective way of changing the layout of a house. People who recently bought a property would often do this to maximize the space and make it more modern. Open concept houses tend to be more efficient, convenient, and practical.

Natural daylight can easily flood the space because of the lack of barriers and partitions. Additionally, open areas provide you with more alternatives for how to set up and arrange your furniture for an improved interior design and easy passage for foot traffic.

6.    Transform one room into two

For rooms that are a bit bigger, you can maximize them by dividing them into two functional spaces. One example is by adding a nursery adjacent to a bedroom. Another is by creating a library next to the kid’s bedroom or perhaps, a home office inside the master bedroom.

If you are considering adding these rooms, check the existing rooms in the house first and assess if there is a possibility that you can squeeze the room in that existing room. This way, you don’t have to build another room from scratch. You simply have to put up a partition wall to divide the space and voila, you have two different spaces with different functions in one room.

7.    Build a loft

This technique would likely apply in narrow houses such as duple and townhouses. To maximize the space in a narrow house, consider building a loft. Many people are moving to metropolitan areas where living spaces are usually compact and box-like. Building a loft in these kinds of residential units gives tenants the possibility to move around the house flexibly and incorporate several features in a rather limited room. The loft can be used as a bedroom, a study room, a home office, or simply a small entertainment area.

8.    Remove the kitchen island or add a kitchen island

Kitchen islands bring a timeless and beautiful charm to a kitchen. However, not all kitchen islands can be an asset to an interior space. In a small kitchen, for example, having a large kitchen island can do more inconvenience rather than convenience. It can make the space smaller, crowded, and outdated.

If you have a tiny kitchen, consider getting rid of an island and replacing it instead with something that can be modified moved around, or hidden when not in use. This will make the kitchen look streamlined and more modern. On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen, you can maximize it by building a kitchen island or expanding your kitchen island. It all depends on the available area you have in the kitchen.

Before making any changes to the layout of your house, make sure that you have consulted professionals or you are working with a qualified designer and contractor. House expansion or house renovation is a complex and very costly project to embark on. As much as possible, you’ll want to avoid making constant mistakes. Get your designs ready and approved and double-check the materials. Oversee the progress of the project and make sure that you’re working with the right people. Looking for trusted contractors and designers for your house renovation plan? We have them at Spaice! Let us know more about your project and we’ll help connect you with your ideal designer.

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